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When I Read a Good Book...

When I read a good book,
I wish I could write as good a book;
Be as excited to read my own writing,
As the authors I love and admire
For their own art of words.
When I read a good book,
And I laugh and I cry
Or I feel just the same way
As the author has described
But I could never have known
To say it in that way,
Even though it describes me perfectly.
And maybe I am a little jealous
For not having thought of it first.
When I read a good book
And the words they use
Are way beyond my own vocabulary use,
Yet because they use it well,
I still know what it means.
And then I wish I could use those words
In my own writing,
But thy never seem to flow as well.
Or I read a good book,
Then I try to write,
But end up staring for far too long
At a white blank screen
Till I give up
And leave writing
To those who really know how,
And begin to wash the dishes instead.


  1. I think you are a good writer. The more you write the better writer you will be. The more you read good books the better writer you will be. Those great writers did not start off that way! So keep on going! Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh my goodness. This poem describes my thoughts EXACTLY! Whenever I read a book that I love I always want to write a really good book too. Maybe after reading tons and tons of books for millions and millions of years you and I can write a good book ourselves... ;)

    1. Woops! I didn't read the part about washing dishes carefully enough...


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