To Write About a Rose and a Daisy too!

To write about
A rose,
It seems too cliché.
A rose!
We admire them
Every day!
We sing our song of
A rose,
And we liken our love to
A rose.
Her beauty?
As the beauty of 
A rose.
Awe, the rose!
We sing for the love of
A rose.
But what about the
Does the lovely pure
Get any such praise
As that one remarkable
Oh, for the love of a
Sing its song, too!
Don't forget that while
The Rose
May get most of the wonder,
There is still the simple
Yet lovely little
Shining brightly in the field
Waiting to be picked
By you.
So don't forget to pick the
Daisies, too.



  1. And is not the daisy the one who shows us who loves or doesn't love us? ;)

  2. It the simpler things that sometimes hold more glory.


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