You’re a captive;
You’re a prisoner;
Put in jail by yourself
By thoughts that torture,
But thoughts that you allow.
You hold to your pitiful hurts
That weren’t meant for you to keep,
Holding on to lies you create.
Stuck in your own head.
Tortured with your own tortures.
No one is doing it to you.
You do it to yourself.
You keep yourself from living
And block out life and joy,
Because life and Joy
Is found in Christ alone,
Not in self.
The truth will set you free,
But you live in a lie.
The truth is the gospel,
But you take a lie over truth.
And you live in the lie,
And bask in that lie,
And feed that lie,
And make it big and ugly,
And beautifully destructive.
You love your lie,
But you hate your life.
Because of the lie you live,
You’re a captive to yourself.
You serve yourself
And live to self
And can’t let go of self.
You are a prisoner to yourself,
Imprisoned by yourself.
This isn’t the way it has to be,
Isn’t the way it was meant to be.
The truth will set you free
If you will grasp that key.
The gospel, Christ’s love,
Redemption, Christ’s blood,
His forgiveness.
There is freedom in Christ
And his love
Which is so much greater
And stronger
Than any human could ever give.
Because Christ suffered,
And was tortured, and died,
And carried the sins
Of the very ones he loved
So dear.
Yet the ones he loves
Are the ones
Who put him on that cross.
We hated him.
Despised him.
Mocked him.
Killed him.
But he.
He loved while we hated.
He forgave and we killed.
He loved, but we rejected.
Stuck in our own selfish pride,
We rejected his love.
But God,
Rich in mercy,
Abounding in grace,
Gave his son
To die
For those who will believe.
Believe in grace.
Bask in grace.
Be set free by grace
And let grace pour
In and out of you.
Live to Christ.
Be set free in Christ.
Live for Christ and die to self,
For freedom comes
In living for the one
Who sets us free.
Free from sin
And bondage
And lies that we believed.
Freedom comes in Christ
Who sets the captive free.
Be set free in Christ!
What about this pain,
And what about this scared heart,
And the hurt she caused me?
What about this broken heart
That’s been shattered and
Crushed a million times?
This is the excuse you give.
And this is my reply
To you.
I know there’s pain
And hurt in life.
I’ve felt rejection too.
But Christ, he felt is worse
Than you or me
Could ever feel.
He felt rejection
From the very ones
He gave his life
To save.
He gave his life
For you and me.
He gave us life,
While we
Stood by
To mock
And scorn
And laugh
At him.
He bled and died,
And was rejected
By all the ones he loved,
And that, my friend,
Is true love.
He loved us
Despite our spite.
He loved us in our rags.
He loved the ones
Who shunned him most.
Now I ask you, friend,
Why live to self?
Why make yourself
A captive to yourself,
When Christ has died
To set you free?
He gave his life
For you and me,
So let us live
For Christ,
Whose love
Is greater than
Any kind of love
From  weak and small
Live to Christ.
Be set free.


  1. A poem for us all! Thank you. Satan is the father of lies. He is the destroyer, the one who slanders and twists God's words. Satan wants mankind to focus on mankind. But he can not make us sin. We sin because we want to. We believe his lies because of our pride ad our focus on ourselves instead of on the goodness of God.Thanks for reminding us to turn to Christ. He really is our only hope and peace.


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