When Words Couldn’t Write It

There comes a time

When words can’t write it.

You thought it and felt it,

But words couldn’t write it.


There comes a time when

The language of the heart,

Speaks a different language

Then the human tongue.


There comes a time when,

The heart cries,

But the eyes can’t produce tears.

Or there is joy,

That can’t be expressed with a smile.


There is an expression

Of the heart and soul

That sings a different song,

Dances a different dance,

Writes a different language,

That only the heart can understand.

There comes a time,

When the writer’s pen is silenced,

When words cease to flow,

When the writer could not write.


There comes a time,

When the writer couldn’t write

Because the heart spoke

A different tongue,

And the writer couldn’t translate.


So, dear reader, when you look
Upon a blank page,
Understand that the heart was speaking,
But the writer couldn't write it.


  1. Exactly how I feel sometimes! Great poem! Those are a lot of cool books. Are they all yours?

    1. There books from the Franklinville library. ;)

  2. Yes, I feel that way often, but you have put those thoughts into beautiful words as usual!

  3. I love this Hannah! Very well said!!

  4. I absolutely love this! You are super talented. Keep writing forever!

    1. Thanks Susanna! That's encouraging for me to hear. ;)


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