Rambling Thoughts and New Starts

Staring at a blank white paper,
No words to put down.
My mind is running with rambling thoughts,
But nothing coherent to say.
I thought about posting,
But quickly cast aside that dream.
No words, no inspiration
Came entering into my brain that day.
Lots has taken place this week,
Including a birthday, summer fun ending,
School starting back again,
Fears and trepidations, hopes shining ray.
New beginnings, new adventures,
New fears, But grace never ending.
New friends, new memories,
Fun times and hard times along the way.
August 28, 2015
*Oh, the irony of drinking English Breakfast tea at 11 o'clock at night and, oh, such a fatal slip.



  1. :) Wonderful poem...I am studying poetry this year and well, it much more difficult then it seems to write poetry. ;)

  2. It is exciting to see God's plans unfold for you.


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