The Gift of Now

When I was younger,
I wished for the years to fly.
I wished to be older.
Never satisfied.
Now that I am older,
I sometimes want to be
That little girl again,
To play in the dirt,
To pick the daisies,
Not a care in the world for me.
I still am not satisfied,
Still have not learned to be content.
Always wishing for what I do not have.
Always wanting more,
Or always wanting less.
Wanting back what has already passed
Or wishing for the future to hurry up.
Never satisfied.
But it won't do any good to wish
It won't bring back the yesterday
And won't bring tomorrow any faster.
But today I have
And I can live today.
I may not have tomorrow.
I 'll never have back the day before.
But today I have,
So I'll live today
Like there is no tomorrow
And with no regrets of yesterday,
Learning from my mistakes
Of the day before
And rejoicing in the gift of now.


  1. I go through the same thing, wishing you were my little girl picking daisy's and playing in mud puddles. But you have grown to be a beautiful young woman of God and I look forward to seeing more each day what God does in and through you! But, you will always be my little girl! I love you and miss you.

    1. ;) I guess I can always be a little girl at heart!

  2. Sometimes I long for the yesterdays, especially since I didn't meet Christ until adulthood. I am thankful for God's grace which enables me to live joyfully in the here and now.

    1. Amen, Barbie! I know it is easy to wonder or wish we could go back in time and redo things, but God had a purpose and reason for saving you when he did.

  3. Yes! That is so true! Something that I especially need to remember as I begin to look at colleges and's not the future yet, I still need to live in today!

    1. Wow! Maggie, I can't believe you are already looking for colleges, but now that you mention it. I happen to know of a really good one. Its called Bethlehem College and Seminary. Its a great theologically sounds mission-minded college filled with awesome professors and students. ;) you should go to it. :) love you, friend! I hope you are doing well these days.

    2. Lol...I am sure your not biased Hannah! Mom is lobbying for someplace closer! haha but the price of Bethlehem is definitely appealing compared to other places...I didn't realize how expensive colleges were.

    3. Haha! I understand your mom's desire for you to be closer. ;) tis' a bit of distance from home, but it is a really great price and the education you will get here is awesome, as well. Just a place to consider. ;) not to mention a couple Leakes who live here and make it all the more awesome. :P

  4. So lovely! I can really relate to this poem. I have trouble with being content with the hear and now. Such a great poem and a good reminder for me to live for today! Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks! I know! It is so hard to be content, but something well worth fighting for. Thanks for leaving a comment. Blessings in return! ;)


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