Sometimes Spring

Sometimes I see someone who just doesn't smile; that person who just doesn't know how to see anything good or happy in life, but is always and forever bemoaning the trials of life. When I see a person like that, I then set my heart to make that person smile even if it's the last thing that I do on this earth.

Sometimes there is victory. Such as passing a math test that I had been running from for the past two or so years, but finally turned around on it, faced it, and passed it by a hair, literally.

Sometimes there are lovely days in Minneapolis in which I can take a pleasant walk to the Stone Arch Bridge, enjoying a gentle breeze and the kisses of the sunshine, while observing smiling faces, friendly chatter, a racing river, life in a big city.

Sometimes I laugh too much and too hard, making a cough and sore throat linger for far too long, yet what is life without laughter!?! The world would be a dismal place, indeed, without the sound of laughter.

Sometimes Spring Break happens,... yet ends all too quickly.

But spring is here
And joy is in the air
A smile here and there
And laughter everywhere
Birds twitterin',
Squirrels chatterin',
Flowers so flatterin',
The rain splitter-splatterin'.
Oh, a happy day
Spring is on its way
The skies no longer grey
Its time to go and play.
To dance among the trees
To feel a gentle breeze
To watch the lake unfreeze
Or the budding of the leaves.



  1. Thanks for spreading cheer to my ear,
    and heart!
    I love you!


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