You Were Her Cowboy

Kind and gentle,
Patiently teaching
little sister.
You were her cowboy.
Loving and strong,
Manly and tough,
And sometimes a little rough.
You were her cowboy.
Always a smile,
Always rejoicing,
Laughing and joking.
You were her cowboy.
Strumming the guitar,
Humming, whistling, singing,
Writing a melody.
You were her cowboy.
Working hard,
Never let life put you down.
You were her cowboy.
Running the race,
Always brave,
Embracing life.
You were her cowboy.
Young and handsome,
Her older brother,
Her hero,
Her cowboy.
Written in loving memory of Micah who died 9 years ago today. Although Micah was never really a cowboy, he often wore a cowboy hat and sometimes dressed like one. His characteristics also remind me of that of a cowboy's. Lastly, cowboys are one of my biggest heroes in life and Micah is one of my biggest heroes, so I thought that it would be fitting to call him my cowboy.


  1. You are such an example to me Hannah of how to face hard times! Thank you for talking about Micah even though it is hard sometimes. I love you and miss you!

  2. Love your poem. It reminds me of one time when Micah and I were at Duke walking past a young boy in the waiting room. He looked up at Micah wide eyed and in awe and said to his mom, " Is that a real cowboy?!!!" It was so cute because he said it really loud. Micah just smiled real big at him, which made him even more excited. So see, you were not the only one who though he was a cowboy!

  3. ok, this has nothing to do with the post but how in the world do you the little verse of the day thing on the side of your blog?!?!?!

    1. I some how totally forgot to respond to you, Maggie! So sorry! I actually don't know how to get the verse of the day. Haha! Gabriel did it for me when I set up my blog. :) but I think there may be some gadget like it that you could add to the side bar. Sorry that is not very helpful ;)


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