The Longings of a Country Girl

I closed my eyes
All became so quite
I thought for a blessed moment
That I was back in my home
Back in the country
Back in the hills
Away from the city
Away from the noise
For one small moment
All was still
I opened my eyes
And reality came back
But the dream was still there
Oh to be back in the hills once more
To feel the crunching leaves beneath my feet
To listen to the birds as they twitter and tweet
To watch the squirrels scampering for nuts
To feel my hair be whisked in the windy gusts
To feel my cheeks be kissed by the sun
To hear the gurgling laughter of the creek run
Oh to back in the country once more
I want to hear the owls hooting at night
Or the dogs barking up a fright
I want to hear the cricket’s song again
And watch the lizards as they skitter on the rocks
Or watch the snakes slither into holes
And rabbits jumping out from a bush
Or the deer dancing and prancing with fleet
Oh to be back in the forest once more
Oh to stare at the stars once again
As they twinkle up above
With a million unspoken wishes
I wish to be back in the country once more
Away in the city
A southern girl dreams
Of a faraway countryside
Where the grass grows green
This country girl is goin’ home.


  1. That was really nice verse, I liked it a lot.

  2. Did you make this?
    It's very impressive!

    1. Naomi, yes, I did write this. Thank you!

  3. Dawww! The country misses you, too, Hannah!

  4. I think I will go out and jog on our path in the woods. Missing you Hannah! Mom

    1. Miss you too! Hope you enjoyed your jog! ;)


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