The People in My Life

      It is not every day that I have a grateful heart, yet I know that I am one truly blessed girl. Recently I have been reminded once again of how blessed I am for all the people and friends in my life. I sometimes grumble in my heart or even out loud that I have no friends at all, but all I must do is look around me and I see my life is full of wonderful people and friends who really love me. I may not have a lot of friends, but the friends I do have are the best kind of friend that a girl could ever have. They encourage me to do the difficult things that arise in life. They don't let me give up even when things get really hard. When I fail I am only encouraged to try again. They try their best to teach me new things or an improved way of doing something even when it takes great pains to teach me. When it is time for me to take wings and fly away to a new adventure in my life, they are there to back me up and encourage me. They love me just the way I am and are going to miss me when I leave and yet they want what is best for me too and are willing to let me go and try new things. In fact, they encourage me to go and won't let me change my mind, because they know that by God's grace I can do all things. 
      It is not just the friends that I have, but everyone in my life is a blessing to me. I may not know the reason why God has led them into my path, but I know they are there for a reason and for my best. Some people are difficult to get along with, but even they are there in my life for a reason and a purpose and I am so thankful for them as well.  
      There are some people I may know for only a day as we cross paths going about our daily life. Maybe they were there so I could give them a smile and brighten there day. Or maybe God will use them to brighten my own. Or maybe I will never even know why God made our paths cross, but God does know and that is what really matters. Some people I may know for week and yet bless me in such a special way, that they will live in my heart forever. Some people I may know for a year and some people maybe even a life time. It may be a new born infant who can't do anything, but sleep or cry; it may be a little girl or boy who is just being their cute little self; it may be a teenager; it may be a mom who mothers a house full of kids with patience and endurance; or maybe an older man or woman full of wisdom and stories from the "good ol' days"; or a coworker who is willing to endure my craziness and teach me things I don't know. However long I may have contact with someone and whoever it may be, each and everyone is a special person and holds a special place in my heart. Some of these people will never know the impact that they had on my life or the love they showed me in a most beautiful way, but everyone of them is special to me. I pray that God would richly bless all these people who have touched my life in such a unique way.


  1. You are a blessing to me Hannah!

    1. Thanks Maggie! You're a blessing to me!

    2. oh, I like your new profile pic!


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