The Evil New knife

What could be wrong with this new white handled knife, she thought to herself, as she gingerly took and held it in her hands. I only plan to cut lemons with it and it should cut very smoothly. In fact I am quite certain it will make life much easier. If only she had seen the evil grin on the face of that “innocent” white handle of the new knife. She calmly walked up to the cutting board, so sure of herself and the beautiful new knife. She was quite certain that today was going to be quite a lovely day. All seemed well, until the knife slipped on the lemon and sliced her finger. Ouch! The blood that is supposed to stay underneath your epidermis was already oozing out. No, she thought to herself, this was not supposed to happen. She quietly walks to the back and reveals to her friend the wound on her hand. What would she have done without this kind friend who so calmly bandaged her finger? But by this point the blood had gotten to her vivid imagination and her stomach was doing gymnastics within her so that if it weren’t for the fact that she already had an empty stomach then she would have emptied it right then and there. She slowly turned around only to have the world turn around and upside down with her. Every thing became a good bit more blurry than if she had removed her glasses and was looking only through her half blind eye. Her brain told her no, she could not faint; she would not faint. Not now; not here; not over such a small little cut (for the cut truly was a minor thing). How she managed to walk to the drink machine and get herself a glass of water I can not comprehend, but I do believe an angel must have carried her part way. She sat at a table and tried to recompose herself, only to be drenched in sweat. I cannot just sit here, she thought to herself as her stomach continued to do flips, for there is work to be done and I must finish cutting those lemons. She stood up, held tightly to her stomach so as to not loose it, and walked sedately over to finish her lemons, only to discover that her friend had once again saved the day. After looking into a pale white face the friend kindly told her to go sit back down. Much relieved, she sat back down and did her best to fully recover. She wasn’t certain if the fact that she hardly ate a bite for breakfast that morning was the cause of all the nausea or else the only reason why she had not puked yet. Before too long, she began to revive and come back alive, but just to be certain that it didn’t happen again, she decided to take a small dose of mountain dew mixed with lemonade and then ate a cookie (I will not mention to you right now the affects that a cookie can have on her) and some watermelon, too. 

Although this evil new knife seemed to be out to get her and kill her (for it was the second time she had been cut by that knife) it has not managed to do so yet. She will fight the battle and win; wounds, nausea and all.


  1. Am I supposed to guess as to the identity of the person in the story........?) :)

  2. Haha! If it is not too obvious already than, yes, you are suppose to guess the identity of "this person". lol


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