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Summer in the Country

Summer is finally here and I am one happy girl! Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year (not to mention the fact that is when my birthday is) and it makes it all the better that we live way out in the country.

I love running through the woods with bare feet or battling through blackberry brambles just to get that one luscious blackberry that happens to be in the middle of the patch of briers. Then I emerge from the brambles triumphantly holding that one blackberry and a million new little scratches all over my arms and legs. I love to hear the hooting of owls at night or else discovering a raccoon home in a tree near by. Oh the fun that my sisters and I have jumping on the trampoline and laughing just because. Or the pleasure we take from the hard work of building a new fort. I love to feel the hot sun against my cheeks and feel the breeze tickle through my hair. Sisters and a little imagination is all it takes to march though the woods on an adventure you never would have dreamed of. Refreshing moments sitting outside as we suck on homemade Popsicle. 

I got to ride on a motorcycle for the first time! ( Don't worry, I didn't drive it! )


  1. Fun! I like summer but I think winter is my favorite season!

  2. Yes! Summer is fun and carefree, but very hot in good ol' NC! I am glad you got to ride on Stu's motorcycle! I think I would like a ride too!

  3. Hannah, Oh, this is really quite off subject... but how do you get the verse of the day thing on your blog? Thanks!

    1. Maggie! That is a good question of which I really don't know the answer to. Gabriel actually did it for me when I first got my blog. But there might be some gadget for it.


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