This Old Song

This Old Book

It is an old book,
It is the oldest book
It is hundreds and hundreds
And thousands of years old.
And men have said,
“Don’t believe that old book
It’s just old and full of stories
Out of date and almost dead.”

But men still read it,
They still believe it
They read verses and pages
And Chapters all the time.
After all these years
Other books come and go
But this one can touch the heart
And shake the world
When it is read.
When it is read, it wakes the dead!

And they get happy
And shout “Hallelujah, Amen!”
It sets ‘em free like jubilee
When they can see
what might have been.
And they sing
“Glory! Well I feel like liven’ again!”
It is good news
And they can choose
To loose the blues
And move to heaven.

It is an old book,
It is the oldest book
It has history and mystery
And won’t go away no matter what.
And men still say
“I believe that old book
It’s just as new and full of life
It gives me strength
Like it was bread.
It makes me wise,
And clears my eyes!”

Written by-Terry Everroad

I love that song. I wish you could hear it because it is so much fun to listen to when sung by the Everroad family.


  1. Hi Hannah!

    I like the sound of these lyrics, there awesome.
    Oh, and your tea party looked lots of fun. Everytime it rains in Summmer, my sisters and I would always rather be out there running in the rain, and dancing to! It is a very exhilarating feeling!


  2. Hi Meggie,
    Yes, it is so much fun to dance and run in the rain. Definitely an exhilarating experience!
    God bless you!



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