Two Observations

There are two things that I just recently observed. The first was that of an older woman who was obviously dying (and in fact did die) and whether or not she was a Christian and went to heaven I do not know. The other thing that I observed or saw was beautiful huge houses that were owned by obviously very wealthy people. But if you think about it then what is going to happen to the people that own these houses? They are going to die and go either to heaven or hell, just as the older lady did. And then what will happen to their houses? Well, I can tell you one thing and that is that they are not taking that house to either of those places. Most likely what will happen to those houses is for a while they might be kept up, but eventually no one will be able to afford to keep it up and it will begin to rust, rot and deteriorate just as everything else on this earth will (see Matthew 6:19). So then for most of these houses it was wasted money and time. Instead of using their money or time for things that would bring eternal fruit, meaning using it for God’s glory, they used for there own selfish desires that were only temporary. How much better it would have been if these people had used there money to further God’s kingdom and although they may not have had such a nice house or so much money on this earth, they would have had a whole lot more in heaven and would be a lot happier. (see Matthew 6:20-21, 2 Corinthians 4:18) If you put your trust in Jesus then you will have that hope of having treasures in heaven (the greatest of which is God Himself) and a desire to store up your treasures there, but if you do not have that hope then you only have those treasures that you have on this earth.
So where are you going to store your treasures? On this earth or in heaven? I am going to store mine in heaven, by God’s grace.

God Bless You!


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