How many of you enjoy work? I must say for myself that work isn’t always my favorite thing. Some times it’s very dirty work or sometimes it’s a job I just don’t like. Or sometimes I’m just not in the mood for it. But then again sometimes (only by God's grace) it is the most enjoyable thing in the world.
Well, I think it’s really the way that we look at it. If you turn it into some kind of game then it usually ends up quite enjoyable. Like for example my sisters and I, when we were younger, (and even sometimes now) would do our chores like we were hotel workers and were cleaning the rooms, or sometimes we were restaurant workers cleaning up the kitchen, or sometimes we were slaves or servants. Or some times we would pretend that we were people that would clean the house really good for other people, and I’m sure that there are a number of other random things that we did to make it fun. (My sisters and I have great imagination skills.)
Another thing that I do is sing or whistle while I work and that makes it more enjoyable as well.
If that doesn’t work than I think it’s helpful to remind myself to do all things for God’s glory. And that it is storing treasures in heaven to do it with a cheerful heart and to do it well.
So if you haven’t tried these things before than you might want to give it a try. And like I said already, I don’t always do work very joyfully myself, and I’m sure that any of my family members can testify to that. God Bless You!


  1. Even though I'm a cleaning freak and organizing fanatic, which means most messes really bother me... there are times I really do not want to do any work, even though I know I should.

    A few things that help me are putting in some music for me to listen to while cleaning, and just knowing how good I will feel once I get my task accomplished. It's such a nice feeling to have things clean. :D I love that.

  2. hi Kira,
    I'm glad you liked it.
    Yes, those are good ideas, listening to music and thinking about how it will look when it's done. It helps me, too.


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