Remembering My Gifts

When I am home at last, yet still have plenty of things on my brain to distract me and discourage me, it could be easy to miss the little gifts in life this week and next.

Friday's blessing was a fun day of shopping with sisters and mom, great deals and wonderful finds at thrift stores, my first hamburger from Cook Out ( Yeah, I know! I have lived in North Carolina this long and never experienced their hamburger, but in my defense I was too busy enjoying their milkshakes instead), and a free sugar cookie from Harris Teeter because I am definitely still a kid. And lets not forget the very sticky sweaty woods-tramping we sisters did together in which we tried our best to get lost, but considering we have roamed these woods for so long, it was really near impossible to get lost ( though at one point we thought we had accomplished it).

Friday is now here and its wonderful to have a little sister like mine to keep sunshine in my life. She has the art of making sunshine wherever she goes and of making deliciously sweet coffee drink concoctions. She is named my Sugar for a good reason. We have decided many years ago that we would both be Aunt Sugars someday. But this is beside the point.

Today's sweet blessing has come in the form of a beautiful cup of coffee made just the way I like it with all the sugar and caramel and chocolate and whipping cream and sweet creamer mixed into a little bit of coffee all made by, your truly, Lydia ( You can check out her fun and lovely blog here at, Lydia's Ladder). The amazing thing about this drink is that its everything you want in a cup and its made by the very loving hands of my sister and its creative and beautiful and, lastly, its free! I didn't even have to go to a coffee shop for this deliciousness; I could sip it and enjoy it right at home!

Everyone faces challenges in life, but in the midst of all challenges, discouragements, agonies, and pains, there is also usually joys, too, if only we are willing to see it. It may take a little more perseverance and stubbornness to see the joys and to reflect on the joys and to bask in the joys, but I am sure they are there nonetheless. So what kind of joys have you found today?


  1. Today, I experienced the joy of little chicks peeping and pecking lightly at my fingers. They are so cute!


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