25 Years!

I would just like to say “Happy Anniversary!” to my Mom and Dad. You know why? Because to day is their 25th anniversary. So thank you God for bringing my Mom and Dad together 25 years ago. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for marrying each other 25 years ago. Thank you also for setting such a good godly example to your children on how a husband and wife should live. I love you!
Now to any who might read this, you can be thankful my Mom and Dad got married 25 years ago, too. You may not know them, but let me tell you why. This is why, because if they hadn’t, then they wouldn’t have had me. If they hadn’t had me, I wouldn’t be here. If I wasn’t here, this blog wouldn’t be here either. If this blog wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to write on it. If I couldn’t write on it, you couldn’t read it and if you couldn’t read it then you wouldn’t be able to read all of my wonderful posts. ( Actually I am just kidding about that, the truth is I hope that many people have been and will be blessed by my posts no matter how terrible my posts maybe.). So with that all said, you can be thankful that my Mom and Dad married 25 years ago. There are actually many more reasons to be thankful my Mom and Dad married, but that would take too long to write it all out, and I also probably wouldn’t be able to remember it all anyway. Praise the Lord! Isn’t God so good!
God bless you!


  1. Thank you Hannah! You are so sweet and such a blessing. I am glad God gave us you!


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