Israel Pictures: Masada

If you did not notice already, I do most of my blog writing at my new blog. But Weebly is not really great for posting pictures, so I thought I would do a picture post here on this blog. Here are several pictures from my most recent adventures to Masada with my husband and our Historical Geography class. It was so refreshing to get out of the city and be in nature even though it was very desert like, dusty, and hot.

Enjoy the photos and if you wish to read about more of my adventures in Israel, random thoughts, Poems, journalings, etc, go to my other blog here. However, if you don't care for reading, but do enjoy all the pictures, I may continue to post pictures here from time to time.

The Sunset was so beautiful over the city.

One of the Roman camps surrounding Masada.

There wasn't a chance of Winnie the Pooh missing out on our most recent adventures at Masada, so here you find him basking in the sun among all the ancient ruins.

The birds showed little intimidation with our close proximately.

Ancient ruins on the top of Masada. 


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