Be a Guest...

I have decided to make the option of guest posting on my blog. So if you love writing, whether you have a blog of your own or not, and want to have something of yours published on my blog, I would be happy for you to send it to me and I may or may not post it. I may or may not be picky, but that should never stop you from trying. So here are some things I like or dislike:

1. I love poetry.
2. I love good grammar and spelling (even though my own fails in a million ways).
3. I dislike really long article posts. "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"
4. I dislike cussing, swearing, and using God's name in vain.

So be my guest and send me some of your writing, along with a short bio of yourself and a link to your own blog if you have one.

Here is the submissions email address:



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